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Dental Crowns

Restore your Teeth with Dental Crowns from your Dentist in Bend, Oregon

Dental Crowns Bend, Oregon

Injured teeth and decayed teeth can be very painful and can distract you from your day-to-day activities. They require immediate dental attention and need to be restored with appropriate dental materials quickly to prevent worsening of the injury. When your tooth has reached a stage where it no longer can survive on its own, a dental crown may have to be used to protect it and aid its functionality. The crown can act as a shield against bite load and help you in biting and chewing functions. If you have a query regarding tooth crowns, visit our office and speak to our dentist. Our same-day crowns in Bend, Oregon can bring out a healthy smile in you in a matter of few hours. Call us to make an appointment.

When is a Dental Crown Needed?

A dental crown is a restoration which is fabricated to look similar to your natural tooth. The dentist caps the decayed/damaged tooth with the crown. It can be made of metal or porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal. At our dental office we have an advanced milling system that can fabricate a porcelain crown accurately in a matter of minutes. Our dentist recommends the use of a tooth crown to protect a natural tooth only when we find out that there is no other way to protect the tooth. Following are some of the most common cases where the use of crown as a restoration is recommended.

  • A filling with a larger crown
  • Severely decayed tooth
  • A tooth which has undergone root canal treatment
  • A misshapen tooth
  • A tooth that is broken into two halves

A porcelain crown in combination with a dental implant acts as a replacement to lost tooth. Crowns can be attached with false teeth in dental bridge restoration as well. With multiple functions in restorative dentistry, the crown finds an important position in dental care.

CEREC Dental Crowns – Restoration Procedure

As explained earlier, a tooth needs to be restored using a dental crown when it is severely decayed or damaged. When a tooth is decayed, the infected portion of the tooth is removed and the cavity is filled using appropriate filling materials. CEREC is an advanced technology which enables us to restore a damaged/decayed tooth in one appointment, usually in about one hour. The results from advanced CAD/CAM technology of CEREC are brilliant.

Firstly digital impressions of the teeth are taken. The tooth is then reduced in size in order to create space for placement of dental crown. The digital impression of prepared tooth are taken and a 3D computerized model of a tooth crown is created. The digital model of the crown is then fed to the CEREC system which can mill the crown in a span of few minutes. The equipment is highly accurate in fabrication. Our team at Bend, Oregon then provides the finishing touch to the porcelain crown and it is finally fixed over the tooth. There are no temporaries required during the course since the crown is ready to use in about few hours. Once the crown is in place our dentist instructs the patient on how to take care of the restoration.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dental crown?

Dental Crowns are the restorative material used to restore your teeth functionality and to strengthen it. Dental Crowns are made in the dental laboratory which fits perfectly to your teeth.

What is the need for dental crowns?

Our dentist, Dr. Anderson may recommend dental crowns for various reason. Dental Crowns will be placed when an individual gets root canal treatment or if it has the big fillings. To cover and strengthen the teeth for biting and eating. It is also placed to cover dental implants, week teeth and discolored or stained teeth.

How long will a dental crown last?

To the fact, dental crowns do not last forever. Taking a good care of the crowns, we can expect a long life. As per the new research, 90% of crowns need no treatment for at least 5 years. It is important to continue the good dental hygiene habits like brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing, using fluoride mouthwash and regular dental checkup twice a year.

What are the uses of a dental crown?

Placing crowns are the better way to restore the health of the teeth which is broken or damaged due to accident or week due to decay or to close the large fillings. Dental crowns can also be used for other reasons. And they are:

  • To improve the appearance of the tooth which are discolored or stained due to alcohol or tobacco
  • To protect and cover the left tooth which got root canal treatment
  • To hold the bridge firm

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