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Dental Implants

Smile Confidently with Dental Implants from your Dentist in Bend, Oregon

Dental Implants Bend, Oregon

The loss of natural tooth is a big loss from oral health perspective. When you lose a tooth, your ability to chew food is compromised and there is more work load on the remaining teeth. If a tooth is lost because of dental infection, then there are higher chances of the infection spreading to neighboring teeth and the supporting structure. Tooth loss leads to many other oral health problems and gradually causes loss of supporting bone structure. Replacement of lost tooth becomes necessary to avoid these problems that arise from tooth loss. Dental implant is a restoration which is widely considered as the next big thing to natural tooth. It is an artificial replacement of lost natural tooth root. Dental implant surgery is performed at our dental clinic in Bend, Oregon. Our restorations have successfully created healthy smiles for patients from the city and surrounding communities. If you have a query regarding dental implant in Bend, Oregon, make an appointment and visit our office. Our dentist can inform you better on how the restoration works.

Tooth loss – How it Impacts your Oral Health?

A tooth can be lost from an injury, tooth decay or from gum disease. It is important to treat the infection first since it can cause harm to the remaining teeth and the soft gum tissues. The loss of natural tooth compromises the person’s ability to chew food. As a result, the patient is forced to chew on the other side of the mouth. Following are some of the direct impacts of tooth loss.

  • Reduced chewing efficiency
  • Increased wear of remaining teeth
  • Higher chances of orthodontic problems because of the shift in the position of teeth nearby the gap
  • Increased risk of infection because of increased food lodgment in the gap
  • Loss of bone from resorption

How do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are artificial teeth roots that are made of titanium or zirconium. The artificial replacement is designed to become an integral part of the supporting bone through Osseointegration process. Osseointegration is the process of bone tissues forming a functional bond with implant. This gives the restoration higher stability. The implant protects the supporting bone from resorption and acts as an amazing foundation for the artificial tooth. The bite feels more natural with the implanted tooth. With proper care, an implant can last a lifetime.

Dental Implant Restoration Procedure

Restoring a lost tooth using dental implants takes few months. It is a step-by-step procedure. The patient should have sufficient supporting bone to hold the implant in place. The first step of dental implant process is the examination. Our dentist performs a thorough check of the oral cavity. Problems like gum disease must be treated first. X-rays are taken to gauge the length and breadth of the supporting bone structure. We also make a note of patient’s medical history. On confirmation that a dental implant surgery can be performed, our dentist sets a treatment plan explains it to the patient.

The placement of dental implant in the supporting bone requires a surgery to be performed. Our team starts off by numbing the surgical site. An incision is made in the gums and a flap is opened to access the supporting bone. A series of drills are used to create a bony recess in the jawbone. The implant is then torqued in position. The gums are sutured back and a cap is used to cover the head of the implant. The restoration is left to heal for next few months. Our dentist recommends periodic visits to check the status of the restoration and jawbone.

On completion of Osseointegration, impressions of teeth are taken and a crown gets fabricated at the lab. An abutment is fixed over the implant. We check the fit and finish of the crown before bonding it over the restoration. On completion of the treatment process, our team explains to patients how to take care of the implanted tooth.

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